Introducing Pygmalion early childhood education. Can ordinary kids learn to calculate numbers up to 1000?

90% of a human brain is said to be built in infant. Pygmalion's early childhood education method is built on a belief that, for a rich life, we need to learn how to think and solve a problem in early age when the brain grows most.
Our method elevates social and humane skills of children by training them fingertip handling, recognition of space and figures, numbers, language and sociality in this order. This is like a tree grows from a root, trunk and to leaves. This progression matches nature of human skill development. The method puts value on thinking ability, not memorization. Even a kindergarten child can learn to calculate in three digits.

Lots of children in our class enter the most prestigious private schools.

Graduates of a cram school adopting the Pygmalion early childhood method (for age of two to eight) managed to pass exams of the most competitive school for years. The graduates achieved deviation score of more than 60.

Kyo Ito Profile

ITO, Kyo

Pygmalion Childhood Learning Laboratory
Mr. Ito has built a unique Pygmalion method which simultaneously grows children's heart and skills. He achieved astonishing accomplishment in early age to primary school level education.
Childhood educator, developer of Pygmalion education method President of Academic Conference of Thinking Ability Education Chairman and President of Japan-Sri Lanka Association of Education Adviser to Education Ministry in Sri Lanka Special Adviser to UN-approved Green Cross Sri Lanka KAATSU International University of Sri Lanka (first private university in Sri Lanka)


What equipment is necessary to use this system?
A terminal on which a browser is installed to access the management site (example: PC) and Android terminals for students (example: Nexus 9). You do not need to install a database server because we can provide consolidated data management in our site.
What kind of costs are required?
Initial cost and monthly fee. The initial fee varies depending on customization requirements. The monthly fee also varies depending on the number of users.
Can we make a distributor agreement?
Please contact us.
What is your actual achievement?
More than 100 cram schools or kindergartens have already introduced or are planning to introduce our system.
What languages are supported?
Currently Japanese and English are supported. Any language can be used by switching the language related files. Customization fee may be charged for addition of a new language.
Do you offer test use service?
Available. We can provide you a test account. We will email you URLs for the management site and application download.
What ages are targets? How large is the volume of materials?
The materials include curriculums for four years from age three to six (one lesson per week, foury-four times a year). New curriculums will be added in the future.

Operating Environment

Android OS 4.1 or later
Recommended resulution
1024x768 or 2048x1536
Management site
nternet Explorer: Version 8.0 or later
Firefox: Latest version
Crhome: Latest version
* Any languages available upon your request
・Initial Fee JPY300,000 ~(USD3,000-,EUR2,200-)
  * Extra customization fee may be charged.
・Monthly Fee  JPY100,000 ~ (USD1,000-,EUR710-) 



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